Drinkwheeldrinking game

Made by me : Flash application , Node server , Arduino programming , Electronics

Game made for the birthday of a friend.
It's based on the same RFID system used on the My Nurun Party project and consists of a wheel of actions that can be launched by passing our RFID tag. But it also provides a multi-player mode with more actions and some special features.

Tactile board

A wooden plate with drawings made out of conductive paint allows the players to interact with the wheel. A glass drawing allows to toggle between solo and multi player mode while two hands allow some multi-player specific interactions.

Solo mode

To play alone, the user simply has put his RFID tag on the antena and the wheel starts spinning.
The selected slice might tell the player to drink a sip, a shot, do an action with smeone else in the party etc..

Multi player mode

To join a multi-player game, all the players simply have to pass their RFID tag over the antena. Every player is given a random and unique avatar that he will have to remember. Two consecutive players will only have 1 difference in their avatars to make things a bit more spicy.
Players have to remember their turn and launch the wheel with their RFID tag. If it wasn't their turn, they have to drink.
Before the game stats (by tapping the two hands at the same time), it's possible to set the number of turns we want to play by tapping the left or the right hands.

Multi player slices

  • Common sip : a sip is added to the center of the wheel
  • Drink common sips : drink all the sips added to the center of the wheel
  • Avatar : An avatar is displayed during 5 seconds. The player associated to this avatar has to pass his RFID tag before the countdown completes to avoid drinking a sip. If another player passes his tag by mistake, he's the one to drink a sip.
  • Avatar switch : switches the player's avatar with the one of another player
  • Quick quiz : The player has to answer questions by tapping the left or the right hand. Every question is associated to a player's avatar so we can choose who we want to make drink sips

At the end of the game, if there are remaining sips at the center of the wheel they are distributed to all the players.


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