My nurun party 2physical installations and games

Made by me : Flash/AIR apps , Arduino electronics , PHP backend , HTML frontend

Second strike for the My Nurun party project a year later.
Based on the exact same principle with some kiosks removed, some added, some updated.


To replace the photographer from the last year, i devlopped a photobooth with some special effects ont it.
Two big buttons were placed in front of the people, one to take a shot and one "Mystery button" that actually adds an effect to the face of the neerest person. Effects were base on face tracking to map textures on the user's face, distort their face, duplicate one of their eyes on their forehead, etc...
Here are two examples (anonymous faces are added only for privacy concerns) :
Random wavy face distortion
Makeup mapping

Once the picture was made, people could tag themselves on it thanks to their RFID tag in order to be mentionned on the public timeline as well as being able to find the photo on their private timeline (see project My Nurun party 1 if you don't understand these RFID and timeline stuff)

Eude l'Atronaute

This is a game made to be played by foot on a giant controller as shown in the blurry picture below :
Giant controller
As all the kiosks guest simply had to apss their RFID tag to start a game and once the game finished an event was published on their timeline and, depending on their score and action, they would unlock achievements.
Read more about this project.


Blind test This blind-test was actually made not by me but by Mikael Bauvez. I only manage the arduino stuff as well as the connection between the arduinos and the HTML application.
To start a game, 2 to 4 people had to pass their badge over one of the four antenas. Each antena had a different color that would match the four possible answer given on the TV screen for each song.
The four antenas used to answer
To answer, people simply had to pass their RFID tag over the antena matching the color of the good answer on the screen. The fasterwas the answer, the more point they would get. Once the game completed, an event was published to the timeline with the final ranks as well as possible achievements.


BlobJump Same game as the year before. but with an enhanced UI and some new items aimed to entertain people waiting for their turn to play. Indeed, the first time many people were waiting for their turn to play. If people were good, they had to possibly wait a long amount of time.
To "fix" this i added a new item to the game, a "Danger Box".
BlobJump malus
If players hit it, it enabled a big button fixed on the side of the kiosk that other people could hitat anytime to throw an attack to the players. But the attack could actually help the players as there was 3 bad things that could happen with a high probability but also 1 rare bonus that would really help them. Also, if they survived one of the attacks, they would get bonus points.
This made the games more spicy and the waiting much more fun.
Read more details about this project.


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